Gary Lee Vincent

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Gary Lee Vincent (b. 1974) was born in Clarksburg, West Virginia and is an accomplished actor, producer, author, musician, and entrepreneur. Gary has appeared in multiple plays and concerts throughout his life, but got his motion picture acting debut at the age of 40 in the horror movie Belly Timber starring in the role of George Pogue, one of the founders of Indianapolis. He is most known for his supporting lead role in My Uncle John Is A Zombie!, where he played Oscar, the crass bodyguard and nephew of Uncle John, a talking zombie, and as Officer Wilson in the horror film Killer Campout. To date, he has starred in over fifty feature films, including Death House, My Friend Dahmer, SKB, Wrestlemassacre, Black Panther, The Kingsbury Run, Above Suspicion, Solver, Nightblade, The Final Interview, and many others. In television, he has starred in Mindhunter (Season 1), House of Cards (Season 5), The Walking Dead (Season 8), and Stranger Things (Season 2). In 2010, his horror novel Darkened Hills was selected as 2010 Book of the Year winner by Foreword Reviews Magazine and became the pilot novel for a six-book series of vampire books called Darkened, which includes the novels Darkened Hills, Darkened Hollows, Darkened Waters, Darkened Souls, Darkened Minds, and Darkened Destinies. He also co-authored the novel adaptation of Belly Timber with John Russo, Solon Tsangaras, Dustin Kay and Ken Wallace, and Attack of the Melonheads with screenwriter Bob Gray and Solon Tsangaras. As a musician, Gary has produced three CDs: 100 Percent, Passion, Pleasure & Pain, and Somewhere Down the Road.