Luca Kahn


Personal Info

  • Height: 6' 3¼" (1.91 m)


Classically trained actor, graduated playing Hamlet. Speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Serbian. Born in Serbia (Former Yugoslavia), Luca graduated from the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. Completed post-graduate studies at the Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC. During his first year of studies, Luca got his first role. It was a role in the Italian movie called “Il Servo Ungherese” (The Hungarian Servant). Throughout his second year of studies, Luca played on the Main Stage of National Theatre (Narodno Pozoriste) in Belgrade and during third and fourth year of his studies, he played on the Main Stage of Yugoslav Drama Theatre (JDP) in Belgrade, the most important and influential theatre in Belgrade. Luca was able to take part in all these important projects while continuing his studies. He performed in theatre more than 250 times. Luca published his first book of poetry in 2005, titled “Travelling Islands”. In the same year, Luca got the role in two major TV series “Drugo Stanje” (leading role) and “Seljaci”(supporting). He also was a supporting actor in the movie “Pad u raj”. In 2007, Luca was a host on FOX TV, which is one of the most watched TV channels in Serbia at prime-time, every night from 7:30-8:00 PM. Luca was a leading actor for four National Campaigns (including billboards, ads and commercials): -National Lottery -VIP Mobile Network -Macedonian Telecom -Blood Donation Campaign.