Sylwia Kaczmarek


Personal Info

  • Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)


Sylwia Kaczmarek is an actress, and new coming scriptwriter and film director. She was born in Poznan, Poland. She now shares her time between Poland and London. Sylwia’s interest in media started in 2002 when she worked for WTK TV as a scriptwriter and presenter for a makeover program. Later, she developed an interest in theatre and movies and took up acting. She starred in TV series in Poland, feature films including Pigs 2 (W. Pasikowski, 1994) The Legend (M. Pujszo, 2005), Operation: Sunrise (D. Cerminara, 2008), and plays including: Cosi fan Tutte (G. Jarzyna 2005- 2009) Wozzeck (K. Warlikowski, 2005-2010), and Ca Ira (J. Józefowicz 2006-2007). In 2012 Sylwia will star in feature films: Serbian After Hours River by M.Itic. In 2007 – 2009 with a grant from The Polish Film Institute, Sylwia has studied drama in London. In UK she performed in: Night school (M. Lucia, 2008), Wake up Jennifer (A. Kahan, 2009) and Future Perfect (T. Ukpo, 2009). Influenced by the art culture of London, Sylwia has also been drawn to writing and directing: Together with S. Derwesinski Sylwia co-wrote and co-directed a docu-drama, Heroin – my love. Stepping into fine art, in 2012 Sylwia has just finished a film installation Homo Geminus, where she also starred. Her last project as a script writer and director is a short film No Easy Way Out.