Krishnashtami (2016) Hindi Dubbed

Action, Comedy, Romance | 160 min

Movie Story

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Krishnashtami : Krishna Sunil  is an Nri who always dreams of settling back in India. Whenever he plans a trip to India, something goes wrong and he is asked to stay back by his family. After a point of time, an upset Krishna decides to leave for India without the consent of his family.
As soon as he lands in India, he gets attacked by an unknown group and meticulously escapes the scare. During this time, Krishna also gets stuck in a tricky situation and lands up in a typical Rayalaseema family. Upon his arrival to their house, he gets attacked yet again and survives it too.
To his shock, he finds out that the entire family is after his life. What will Krishna do now ? Why is he being targeted ? How will he manage this dreaded family ? And where do Nikki Garlani and dimple Chopade feature in all this set up? To know the answers, you need to watch the film in the theaters.

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