Sardaarji 2 (2016)

Adventure, Comedy | 145 min

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The much awaited Sequel to Last summer’s BLOCKBUSTER . A fun-filled joyride for The Entire Family. The story begins in a village in Punjab, where an Organic farmer. The simpleton Jaggi ( DILJIT DOSANJH) Lives his life . His Village comes in deep trouble and Jaggi has to travel to AUSTRALIA to earn money and save the village. A mad, ride begins in his quest to earn money, this man of principals starts driving a beautiful ICE CREAM TRUCK , which kids Simply Love.That’s the time when I realised that Diljit has a double role in the film, or I may say that Diljit has a character that’s depicting his angry side and is called as Athra. This brawl leads Jaggi’s friends to imprisonment and this is where I got to know that it was a set up to grab Jaggi’s land. Things take a turn and all of a sudden Jaggi lands up in Australia and is seen sitting on an easy chair in an office and sharing screen space with him is Anjana Sukhani, the doctor. A few flashbacks and one gets to know that it has already been more than 5 months that jnaab has been here and has done nothing much. (by the way, here let me tell you that the deal was to pay 1.5 Cr to the complainants and save his friends from jail sentence beside saving his land) He is chased by goons. He meets an equally hot-tempered girl and kidnaps Another girl from her own wedding! Now is that crazy or is that crazy! Beautiful LANDSCAPES AND MELODIOUS SUPER HIT MUSIC keep you enthralled. NOW COMES THE HIGHLIGHT – what are the second and Third JAGGI doing in the film? Is it actually a TRIPLE ROLE of DILJIT DOSANJH ?!! Why are ALL the various hilarious gangs chasing him? What are the girls doing in his life ? DOES HE MANAGE TO SAVE HIS VILLAGE ? To find out WATCH … SARDAARJI 2

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